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Craklin' Roast Dinner Roll Up

Craklin' Roast Dinner Roll Up


  • Mission Plain Tortilla
  • 60g roast pork
  • Pork crackling
  • 100g roast vegetables
  • 30g safe and onion stuffing
  • 20g Bramley apple sauce
  • Gravy to serve


  1. 1.Warm the plain tortilla tortilla
  2. 2.Spread the apple sauce on the tortilla & top with stuffing
  3. 3.Add the roast pork, crackling and roasted vegetables
  4. 4.Roll up & cut in half
  5. 5.Serve with gravy, extra apple sauce and stuffing
  6. Perfect to pair with roast potatoes!


Substitute the roast pork and gravy for vegan alternatives

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