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Other Tortillas, Flatbreads, Tortilla Chips & Tacos

We produce our tortilla chips using an authentic Mexican process with quality corn to create the ideal texture and flavour.

Not too thick, not too thin, Mission’s Tortilla Chips are ideal for perfectly crunchy nachos, side dishes and more!

Our commitment to quality corn and an authentic process ensures that we create perfectly textured tortilla chips that deliver the big flavour your customers will love. Available in salted, chilli and cheese varieties, we have a solution to suit every menu.

We also offer a range of flatbreads and other flavoured tortillas to upgrade your menu offering, from traditional yellow corn flour tortillas to wheat flour roti, we can provide a full and authentic product range for whatever your menu demands.

Other Tortillas, Flatbreads & Tortilla Chips Product List

Mission offers a range of tortilla alternatives, from flatbreads to tacos, meaning you have everything to create fresh and flavoursome food that stands cross meal-times and sectors and channels.

Other Tortillas
codeProduct Description
12"/30cm Mission Plain Flour Tortilla
12"/30cm Mission Multigrain Wheat Flour Tortilla
12"/30cm Mission Wholemeal Wheat Flour Tortilla
10"/25cm Mission Yellow Corn Flour Tortillas
12"/30cm Mission Yellow Corn Flour Tortilla
CodeProduct Description
12"/30cm Mission Roti Plain Wheat Flour
Tortilla Chips
CodeProduct Description
Mission Salted Triangle Tortilla Chips
Mission Cheese Triangle Tortilla Chips
Mission Chilli Triangle Tortilla Chips
Taco Shells 10 x 20 pieces

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