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We produce a full range sure to enhance any pub or restaurant menu, from authentic Tortilla Chips to create the perfect plate of nachos, to Naans and Pittas which authentically complement spicy menus!

Part of our exciting innovation portfolio, our new Dual Application Tortillas can be used for sweet and savoury recipes. Our Chocolate Flavour Tortilla and Warming Ginger Tortilla are innovative and versatile products, which can be used across starters, main course and desserts.

With customers looking to experiment with their flavour formats, pubs more than ever need to continually adapt their food offerings to ensure customers stay both interested and satisfied. We can provide the support to expand your menu to not only include more handheld and street food inspired dishes to stay relevant and on-trend to consumers, but to also create exciting new options to attract new customers.

Did you know...

In casual dining specifically, by end 2020 it will attract an additional 43m visits to represent 5.5% of all out-of-home visits. Spend will jump 15.5% or £960m

NPD Group

In 2019, the OOH and eat out of home market could grow by a further 93 million (Up 0.8% on 2018)

NPD Group

The eating out market is valued at £89.5bn with independent restaurants making up 68% of sales

Local Data Company

Over a third (36%) of customers say more international cuisines would encourage them to visit a pub, and nearly as many feel the same way about street food (32%)

CGA Report, The British Pub Market: Reasons to be optimistic for 2019

Mexican is the third most popular ethnic cuisine in the UK


Almost a third (30%) of UK families bought or tried Mexican food in the past year

Future Thinking survey

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