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On the Go

With the food-to-go market on the rise and set to reach the value of £23.4bn by 2024[1], you need to have handheld solutions that you can rely on when being packed full of different flavours and ingredients.

At Mission Foodservice, we provide a wide range of solutions to tap into the exciting on the go and street food inspired trends. By using authentic methods and ingredients, we have the products to enhance your current recipes and inspire you to expand your menu offerings. Whether you’re looking to create stuffed pittas, spicy tacos or tasty quesadillas, we have a solution to suit you!

[1] IGD Research 2019

Did you know...

Delivery is growing with NPD predicting an additional spend of £656m (+17%) by consumers

NPD Group

Consumer spend on food delivery is forecast to increase 22% by the end of 2020, with visits up 17%

NPD Group

Delivery market worth £5.8bn annually, with 882m visits

NPD Group

45% of all diners agree that street food has allowed them to try a wider range of food than they would have expected from established restaurants

The street food market is now worth an estimated £1.2 billion in the UK

MCA Insight 2018

Recipe Inspiration

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