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Keeping children interested at meal times, while offering nutritionally balanced solutions on a limited budget is a challenge for every school caterer. Children love the excitement and novelty of using tortilla wraps instead of traditional sandwiches, providing an alternative option to the standard menu offerings is crucial in inspiring and enticing the younger generation.

At Mission, we understand the pressures within an educational catering facility and know the importance of providing tasty nutritional meals that children love to eat.

We have a diverse and versatile range of products to support you and to help you innovate your menu offerings. Wraps are often viewed as an exciting alternative to the traditional sandwich and Mission’s Tortilla range offers a pliable solution to enhance your menu, from being packed tasty fillings to allowing the ability to roll and wrap without any breakages.

Did you know...

In-house catering in the education sector will likely reach £773m in the next three years

BHA Food Service Management Market Report

Nearly 100,000 schools/institutions serve school lunches to 29.8 million students each day

School Nutrition Association

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