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With an unrivalled product portfolio of Tortillas, Tortilla Chips, Naans, Pittas and Other Speciality Flatbreads including Soft Tacos, we can provide truly authentic and versatile products solutions based on our understanding of key Foodservice channels.

If you’re looking to create inspiring and on-trend menu items, we can work with you to develop a proposition that will delight customers using our wide range of products.


Keeping children interested at meal times, while offering nutritionally balanced solutions on a limited budget is a challenge for every school caterer.

Pubs & Restaurants

We produce a full range sure to enhance any pub or restaurant menu, from authentic Tortilla Chips to create the perfect plate of nachos, to Naans and Pittas which authentically complement spicy menus!

B&I / Contract

British workers continue to look for convenient and exciting options at lunchtime. Keeping spend on site is crucial, so offering an exciting and competitive lunch range is essential in boosting sales.

Hotel & Leisure

We have solutions to fit the needs of every operator. From super soft Tortillas which won’t crack under pressure, to Flavoured and Bar Marked Tortillas to enhance your recipes.

On the Go

At Mission Foodservice, we provide a wide range of solutions to tap into the exciting on the go and street food inspired trends. By using authentic methods and ingredients, we have the products to enhance your current recipes and inspire you to expand your menu offerings.


In order to produce end products with consistency and a high-quality finish, you need to start with reliable ingredients.

For Inspirations, Special Offers and Much More

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