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At Mission Foodservice, we are passionate about producing the finest quality tortillas, flatbreads and tortilla chips to add real value to every menu. We provide industry expertise to chefs and operators looking to create authentic, exciting meal solutions.
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    As the biggest tortilla manufacturer in the world and branded manufacturer in the UK, we serve consumers and foodservice operators in more than 100 countries. Our experts inspire operators to create authentic, stand out meals, every time.
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    Founded in 1949 by Don Roberto Gonzalez Barrera, Mission revolutionised how tortillas were produced across Mexico. Expanding into Costa Rica and the US in the 1970s, we entered European foodservice in 2000.
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    Mission is part of Gruma, a Mexican family owned food business with global sales reaching more than $4.9bn.

At Mission, we believe...


In delivering dishes packed with flavour

Our versatile product range suits both sweet and savoury recipes to delight consumers on every occasion

In adding theatre to service

With our innovative flavours and formats, vibrant colours and speciality finishes

In meeting the demands of a fast-paced service

Our products outperform all others giving chefs a range they can rely on not to break or tear

In offering an authentic taste

Our tortillas are made with our trusted authentic recipe using exclusively Mexican tortilla presses for genuine flavours and texture

In building and strengthening your business

By using our comprehensive consumer and customer insight

In creating stand out meals

Vegan, street food, handheld eating, kids’ menus… our tortillas and flatbreads are the perfect canvas for inspired chefs to create brilliant menus

Kim Hartley

Executive Business Development Chef at Mission Foods
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    Kim Hartley, Executive Business Development Chef at Mission Foods, has over 20 years of experience in the food industry. An award-winning chef, creative baker and food stylist, Kim has developed numerous products for leading high-street brands and airlines as well as being a restaurateur heading up Italian, French and Indian eateries.
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    What Kim is really passionate about though is first to market innovation. She is always pushing the boundaries, bringing verve, passion and creativity to the Mission Foods offering. This passion comes from her mantra – ‘creativity is intelligence having fun’.
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    Kim has won multiple awards over her career including three times winner of the prestigious Sandwich Designer of the Year, first with a mini Indian naan selection and secondly with a toasted Turkish gözleme sandwich filled with vegan lamb and beetroot hummus.

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